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Where It All Began

As we walked into the expo center I had a smile on my face as I gripped the UV laser pointer in my hands, just waiting to try it out on the first rock I thought might glow. Rhett was grinning ear to ear, I was actually kind of surprised he didn't have a tool belt on with six different flashlights all at different wave lengths, labeled, and in the positions of most likely to use, but he was still armed with two of his best. We had also outfitted my wife, his wife, and one of our buddies with UV lights as well, just to increase our odds. We were on what can only be described as one of the nerdiest Easter egg hunts ever....and it rocked (pun intended). There were so many people that tried to trade us for the lights, that just short of being offered a new car, I think I quit listening after the first hour or so.

After we all went home, still in awe over our new treasures, we got to thinking what kind of displays we could get to show off our pieces. That was when we realized why everyone was wanting our lights, there were very few options on the market for affordable UV light fixtures, and even fewer high quality fixtures. So after a bit of trial and error and playing with multiple lights and LEDs Engenious was born.

UV LED fixtures was what got us started but that's not where we stop, we have also designed under cabinet lighting, artwork lighting, red light therapy lights, and special effects lighting. What ever it is you need we can help come up with a solution.


  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A settlement has been reached to resolve all claims asserted in the lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas by William G. Gardner III and Way Too Cool, LLC against Engenious Designs, LLC. At issue in the lawsuit was infringement of U.S. Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 781,751 (the '751 Patent), entitled "Portable Wavelength Transforming Converter for UV LEDs," which issued on August 24, 2010 to Gardner, and U.S. Patent No. 7,485,883 (the '883 Patent), entitled "Variable Wavelength Radiation Source," which issued on February 3, 2009, also to Gardner, (collectively, the "Patents"), and defamation asserted by Gardner. Also at issue was the enforce-ability and validity of the Patents raised by Engenious Designs.

  As part of the settlement, Engenious Designs does not dispute that the '751 and '883 Patents are valid and enforceable. In lieu of a license or royalty fee to be paid to Way Too Cool under the Patents, the Parties have agreed that six percent (6%) of revenues received by Engenious Designs for sales of its portable UV LED fixtures and flashlights with filters and batteries accused of infringing the '751 Patent will be paid to the Fluorescent Mineral Society until the '751 Patent expires, for the promotion, innovation and advancement of the fluorescent mineral hobby and community, and development of new designs. Rhett Peterson of Engenious Designs has agreed to step down as President of the FMS as well as Administrator of the Fluorescent Mineral Facebook page.

  Bill Gardner founded Way Too Cool in 1998. Way Too Cool offers retail and custom, built-to-order, ultraviolet (UV) lamp fixtures and flashlights. For more than 20 years, Way Too Cool's lamps have been an indispensable tool for fluorescent rock and mineral collecting. Mr. Gardner holds an AS in engineering, and a BA in geology specializing in mineralogy, and was licensed as a Reactor Operator by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Mr. Gardner has two mining Claims for fluorescent minerals the Purple Passion mine and the Hogan Claim. Mr. Gardner has been granted five US Patents in the UV field starting in 2003, and he has licensed the use of his patents to more than five companies to promote research and development in the field. Way Too Cool was the first company to sell filtered UV LED flashlights beginning in 2006. For more information go to

  Engenious Designs was founded in 2016 by Rhett Peterson and Nicholas Brown with the goal of using their electrical and mechanical engineering backgrounds to bring cutting edge, reliable, and affordable UV light fixtures, flashlights, and custom solutions to the fluorescent rock and mineral collecting community. They have designed and manufactured dozens of state-of-the art UV lights and have plans for many more next-generation designs already in development. For more information and purchasing options, go to

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