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This B310-4 High Power MIDWAVE UVB LED Flashlight is the perfect tool for any UV enthusiast. It is designed to emit UVB light in an 8 to 12-degree cone, producing a brilliant fluorescent response within the area of illumination. It is the result of hundreds of hours of research and development by multiple very talented people and represents the state-of-the-art in UV technology. Its high powered output is sure to be a great addition to any UV light project.


    This Light Has A 2-Week Lead Time From Order Date


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    B310-4 - High Power MIDWAVE UVB Flashlight

    SKU: B310-4
      • Uses A State-of-the-Art 310nm Midwave UVB LED
      • Standard ZWB3 Filter With An Unlimited Lifetime 
      • Total Power Consumed: ~18W
      • Beam-angle: 8 to 12 degrees
      • Battery Operation: Single 26650
      • Battery Runtime: >1 hour
      • C8 Style Flashlight Host With Enhanced Heat Sinking
      • Custom LED Driver With Built-In Thermal & Low Voltage Protection - Keeps Your LED And Battery Safe!
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