The next generation of 365nm LW flashlight is here!


- Flashlight emitting 2.7W of radiant energy!


- Energy efficient switching regulator driver enables the flashlight to run cooler and longer.


- Unwavering 1.5A drive current! Unlike a standard linearly regulated Convoy, the drive current to the FYRFLY's LED will remain constant throughout the entire runtime of the flashlight.


- Authentic LG 365nm LED heat sinked to the flashlight housing using genuine Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound.


- 2 inch head with ZWB2 glass filter pre-installed.


- Uses 2 RCR123A batteries Or 2 BCR18650. Will NOT work with non rechargeable batteries!


- Flashlight safely shuts down when batteries are near depletion.


- Light Only includes just the assembled FYRFLY flashlight (battery type must be selected since the BCR18650s requires the extention tube)


- Light + Kit includes the assembled FYRFLY flashlight, 4 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, a Battery Charger, 


- Keep the FYRFLY close at all times with the optional flashlight holster 


- NOTE: The FyrFly has the same output regardless of which battery type is used! (the RCR123A standard sized light or the extension tubed version with BCR18650s)


This Lamp Has A 2-3 Week Lead Time From Order Date

Convoy C8 FYRFLY - 365nm UV Flashlight