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This Convoy C8 FYRFLY - 365nm UV Flashlight features an authentic Nichia 365nm LED for the highest quality output. It emits 2.7W of radiant energy with a beam angle of 8 to 12 degrees. The FYRFLY's LEDs remain constant throughout the entire runtime of the flashlight, so you can rely on it to provide consistent performance regardless of the battery style chosen. Add this reliable, versatile UV flashlight to your collection today.


This Light Has A 2-Week Lead Time From Order Date

Convoy C8 FYRFLY - 365nm UV Flashlight

    • Authentic Nichia 365nm LED
    • Standard ZWB2 Filter With An Unlimited Lifetime Included In The 2-Inch Head
    • Emits 2.7W of Radiant Energy
    • Energy-efficient Switching Regulator Driver Enables The Flashlight To Run Cooler And Longer
    • Unwavering 1.5A Drive Current
    • Beam-angle: 8 to 12 degrees
    • Flashlight Safely Shuts Down When Batteries Are Near Depletion
    • Battery Operation: Two RCR123s Or Two 18650s with Optional Extension Tube 
    • Battery Runtime -Two RCR123s: 30 minutes
    • Battery Runtime - Two 18650s: 2 hours
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