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The GLW STICK 15W Shortwave Mineral Lamp is the perfect entry-level tool for UV beginners. It is ready to use right out of the box, with a 15W lamp emitting ~4.5W of UVC (254nm) output power. Genuine Hoya UV bandpass glass is used to filter out visible light and it can be used as a handheld or display lamp. With its easy to use design, this lamp is perfect for all your smaller UV needs. Get started today with the GLW STICK!

Dimensions - 9.75" x 2.75" x 2.75" (248mm x 70mm x 70 mm)


Best used in display cabinets up to 18"H x 18"D x 18"W (457mm x 475mm x 457mm)


Only works in the USA and Canada


This Lamp Has A 4-Week Lead Time From Order Date


  • Our Standard GLW STICK:

    • 15W Lamp Emitting ~4.5W Of UVC (254nm) Output Power.
    • Genuine Hoya UV Bandpass Glass Used To Filter Out Visible Light.
    • Integrated Mirrored Aluminum Reflector.

    Our High Output GLW STICK:

    • 25W Lamp Emitting ~7.5W Of UVC (254nm) Output Power.
    • Upgraded Reflector Material.
    • Larger Area Of Genuine Hoya UV Bandpass Glass Used To Filter Out Visible Light.
  • If you're not satisfied with our products, you can return the item(s) within 90 days, and we'll refund you the purchase price minus a 10% restocking fee.


    • The restocking fee is in place to cover our third-party fees.
    • Shipping fees are non-refundable.
    • When returning an item, please box it appropriately.
    • All returns are subject to inspection.


    The following items cannot be returned, unless there is a Valid Warranty Issue:

    • Any part that shows evidence of being used, installed, handled, packaged, or shipped improperly.
    • Custom-ordered or personalized products.
    • Hazardous/Consumable materials such as batteries and bulbs.
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