High Powered, Low Profile, And Affordable UV Light!


Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box


Easily Replaceable Compact UVC Fluorescent Bulb(s).


A Wider Profile Version of Our SCRPN Lamp

A 70W SW Lamp Emitting ~22W Of UVC (254nm) Radiant Power (Uses an off the shelf Philips 13726-5 bulb).


Genuine Hoya UV Bandpass Glass Used To Filter Out Visible Light


Full Metal Enclosure With Active Fan Based Cooling


Anolux UVS Aluminum Reflector (On Bulb Configs)


Overall Dimensions - 20.1" x 3.6" x 3.6" ( 511mm x 92mm x 92mm)


Power Cord With Switch Is Included And The Unit Mountable Using Screws, Bolts, Chain, Or Eye Hooks


This Lamp Has A 4 Week Lead Time From Order Date