High Powered, Low Profile, And Affordable Shortwave UV Light!


Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box


Easily Replaceable Compact UVC Fluorescent Bulb (2xPhilips 13726-5 )


70W Lamp Emitting ~22W Of UVC (254nm) Output Power


Genuine Hoya UV Bandpass Glass Used To Filter Out Visible Light


Full Metal Enclosure With Active Cooling


Anolux UVS Aluminum Reflector


Uses Economical and Easily Replaceable Compact UVC Fluorescent Bulbs


Overall Dimensions - Now The Same Enclosure As the BLCK WIDOW -Overall Dimensions - 10.0" x 5.7" x 3.3" ( 254mm x 145mm x 84mm)


Power Cord With Switch Is Included And The Unit Mountable Using Screws, Bolts, Chain, Or Eye Hooks


This Lamp Has A 4 Week Lead Time From Order Date

SCRPN - 70W SHORTWAVE Mineral Lamp